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Our Family

Our family is rather small. There is ME, Cybrstar, my husband, Howard, our son Josh who is now almost 21 and camera shy, so the pictures of him are from a website he created about 8 years ago. There is my dad, Len, who is about 87 years old. And of course our WONDERFUL Golden Retrievers, Denali and Autumn!

Josh at 13

My dad Len, from his visit to see old friends in 1999. VERY unfortunately my mom, Adair, passed away in 1991 I miss her every day, so I will share a picture of her as well

DAD - 1938 far rightstanding 1999 - far left front sitting

Mom from 1990

My Mom - Adair 


About Me


Cybrstar, I am Diane. A young 57 year old, hippie child boomer babe. Been addicted to anything techie for as long as I can remember. I am self taught in all aspects of webdevelopment, and in fact have made a second career from the wonderful world of the internet