The  Cybrstar Family Website

Welcome to Cybrstar

One would assume if you are here by some cosmic transport of the internet you most likely have no idea who or what Cybrstar, is. Well You are about to find out.

Cybrstar is really nothing, that's right, its not any particular person, place or thing. It is merely an internet domain that not co-incidentally happens to be the name of my home office internal network. 

Basically this domain was created solely for the purpose of allowing my family and friends to maintain constant email addresses and not have to be at the mercy of any particular ISP. I have found that lately and seemingly in the non too distant future, the way we gateway on to the internet is in a constant state of change. The way this structure exists, every time you change ISP, you have to inform all your contacts of an email change.

So... what Cybrstar is, is a way to maintain a forever email address, that is accessible from any email program as well as directly from the web.

It is also a nice way to share information, pictures, etc with family and friends of Cybrstar!


Searching for Cybrstar


About the picture: Searching for Cybrstar. We live about 1 hour from the Kennedy Space Center. We are privileged to view the shuttle launches from our front yard. This was the Shuttle Atlantis September 9, 2006